New value chain scheme of Japanese Sake

to turn the unreachable into deliverable.


Sake is an alcohol made from rice, rice malt and water. The ingredients are simple, but the taste and aroma are surprisingly diverse. The reason for this is that each region of Japan produces its own unique sake through a combination of different soils and waters, and the particular brewing techniques and traditions of its makers.
「日本酒」は、米 / 米麹 / 水を主原材料としたアルコールです。原材料はシンプルですが、その味わいや香りは驚くほど多彩です。その理由は日本の地域ごとに異なる土壌や水、そしてつくり手のこだわりや受け継がれてきた醸造技術の掛け合わせによって個性的なお酒がつくられているからです。

There are 1,200 breweries registered as brewing businesses in Japan nationwide. If the brewery changes, the taste and aroma of the sake will be different. We respect the individuality of the region and the brewery as a brand value and want to deliver a brand experience.

To achieve this, we focus on the individuality of the sake liquid, the brewery and the region, as well as the unique challenges of Japanese sake industry, such as containers, merchandising and delivery.
そのために私たちが注目していることは、液体としてのお酒 / 酒蔵 / 地域の個性、そして、容器 / 商品化 / 配送 といった日本産酒類ならではの課題です。

Conventional 720 ml containers present challenges in terms of containers, such as being too heavy/not drinkable/breakable/not fit in the fridge; language challenges, such as not understanding the technical terms for alcohol/not understanding Japanese; and delivery challenges, such as not knowing where to buy the product/not being able to buy it. Our challenge is to change these 'unreachable' problems into 'deliverable' problems.
従来の720mlでは、重い / 飲みきれない / 割れる / 冷蔵庫に入らないといった容器の課題、お酒の専門用語が分からない / 日本語が分からないといった言語の課題、どこで購入できるか分からない / 購入できないといった配送の課題などがあげられます。これらの「届かない」を「届ける」に変えていくことが私たちの挑戦です。

Most breweries are small businesses. Although each brewery is aware of the 'unreachable challenges', efforts to improve them are self-sustaining and decentralised.

We focus on the single, small-supply supply chain of these independent, decentralised breweries and work to position the individuality of the region and the brewery as a value, improve it into a complex, large-supply value chain and maximise value provision through the power of digital, branding and marketing. We are working on a business that maximises value provision through the power of digital branding and marketing.

And our aim is to bring us closer to a future where Japanese sake products are delivered around the world and the way they are drunk from local lifestyles speaks of the particularities of Japanese sake products.

Designing labels and making canned sake

As a fabless model, we select the brands for our product planning, transport the alcohol produced in our brewing warehouses in liquid containers and fill them into aluminium cans at our partner processing warehouses.

Original labels / boxes / paper bags are designed from a marketing and branding perspective, targeting both domestic and international markets.
国内外市場をターゲットにしたマーケティングやブランディングの視点からオリジナルラベル / 化粧箱 / 紙袋をデザインニングします。

KURA ONE® is private-brand canned sake, brewery brand in canned sake, and canned sake from special collaborations.
KURA ONE®は、自社ブランド (Private Brand) のアルミ缶日本酒の商品化、醸造蔵商品のアルミ缶日本酒の商品化、企画コラボレーションのアルミ缶日本酒の商品化を行なっています。

Developing sales channels of sake


We position our small-capacity aluminium canned sake as a first mover, opening up new markets and markets that are difficult to reach through traditional sales channels.

[Online store]
Small-capacity aluminium cans and 720 ml bottles are sold through a multilingual (English / Japanese / Traditional Chinese) online store specialising in Japanese sake products, with product information, content about the brewery's region and social networking posts by the brewery.
小容量アルミ缶や720ml瓶の商品情報、醸造蔵の地域を伝えるコンテンツ、酒蔵のSNS投稿などを掲載した多言語 (英語 / 日本語 / 中文繁体語) 対応の日本産酒類に特化したオンラインストアで販売します。

[Retail sales].
KURA ONE® can be purchased at our e-commerce site as well as national and international collaboration partners.
KURA ONE®は、当社ECサイトや国内外のコラボレーションパートナーにおいて購入が可能です。

Delivering sake to overseas


The small-lot air delivery support service exclusively for Japanese alcohol, launched in 2020, has delivered Japanese alcohol to more than 50 countries worldwide to date (with no history of broken since its introduction in 2020).
2020年より開始した日本産酒類専用の小口空輸配送支援サービスは、これまで世界50カ国以上に日本産酒類をお届けしてきました (2020年導入より破損履歴なし) 。

We propose delivery methods and support delivery procedures and practices according to your wishes, such as delivery of retail sales products to consumers, delivery of wholesale products to overseas importers and restaurants, and delivery of sample products to overseas events and competitions, in small lots, with reduced volume and weight without using pallets, or in a hurry.

Tie-up / Collaboration with the Japan's Native

タイアップ / コラボレーション事業

We aim to maximise the value chain, turning the unreachable into deliverable for Japanese alcohol.

We hope to improve the value chain through tie-ups and collaborations on various themes, such as product planning / design / events / sales / logistics / export, in order to bring about a future where Japanese sake products are delivered all over the world and the particularities of Japanese sake products are discussed in terms of drinking habits from the local lifestyle.
商品企画 / デザイン / イベント / 販売 / 物流 / 輸出 など、日本産酒類を川上から川下まで、様々なテーマのタイアップ / コラボレーションでバリューチェーンを改善していき、日本産酒類が世界中に届けられ、現地のライフスタイルからの飲み方で、日本産酒類のこだわりが語られている未来の姿を近づけたいと願っています。

NOTE | ノート

What we want to communicate on Sake On Air

日本酒の真髄を世界に届けるPodcast「Sake On Air」で伝えたいこと

Experts who fully understand the appeal of sake and the expectations of the overseas market, as well as the fact that sake is struggling to grow domestically, asked Sawada pointed questions about how he would rate the KURA ONE® initiative, what are the challenges and what are the advantages of the initiative.

日本酒の魅力や海外市場での期待を十分に理解し、また日本酒が国内で伸び悩んでいる事実も十分に把握しているエキスパートから、澤田に対して、KURA ONE®という取り組みをどう評価するのか、何が課題で、何が優れているのかといった、鋭い質問がなされました。

KURA ONE® scheme introduced at the COOL JAPAN DX Summit.


We have positioned COOL JAPAN as an activity that delivers content that embodies Japan's regional and artisanal strengths and delivers regional individuality, craftsmanship and quality content, and we are promoting our business with quality content as 'Japanese sake'.

私たちはCOOL JAPANを「日本の地域力と職人力を体現化したコンテンツを届け、地域の個性、職人のこだわり、上質なコンテンツを届ける活動」と位置付け、上質なコンテンツを「日本酒」として事業をすすめています。

The local sake boom felt after supporting the delivery of the Australian Sake Awards.

オーストラリア日本酒コンペティション「Australian Sake Awards」の配送支援を終えて感じる現地の日本酒ブーム

The competition aims to "communicate the diverse attractions of sake" and "develop sake experts", and is designed to expand the presence and consumption power of sake in the Australian market.


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